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464 Newcastle Jets Şarkılar & amp; Futbol Chants

8841 Newcastle Jump On yer feet.. Çalma listesi
15412 We Hate Coast Scum Sung to rival Central Coast fans and players
15873 We Are the Squadron Song about the Squadron
16575 Build a Bonfire a chant about Newcastle's two main rivals, Central Coast and Sydney
17455 Lavicka's Men Think They're the Best Song about beating Sydney FC
19985 Never Tear Us Apart INXS song sung at the beginning of each game
19996 Muscat Bus Chant about Melbourne Victory captain Kevin Muscat. To the tune of "Bingo Bus is coming"
20939 Newcastle Till I Die Chant about being Newcastle forever
22094 Central Coast... This chant can be modified to be sung about any team


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